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Mousavi’s Supporters: Protest is Greater Than Anything Anyone Can Control; It is a Revolution

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State TV Reported that pr Mousavi demonstrators woud not demonstrate today, but they were wrong. With encouragemnet like “They can kill one person, they can kill ten people, they cannot kill a nation,” the Iranian people have surged forward with reports that a group of Basij encountered along the way were all killed.

There are reports that the top 5 military leaders in Iran met secretly and have decided not to shoot on potesters. Meanwhile Ahmadinejad is reportedly looking haggard in Russia, as though he hasn’t slept in days. This is all the more encourgaging to the people massed in defiance of him.

The propaganda campiagn has not ceased either. The government is now calling all pro-Mousavi protesters “spies of Israel” and saying they should be shot on site.

The death toll is catostrophic and promises to only increase in the coming hours.

There have been claims that Twitter is being used by Right-wing Israeli activists to fan the flames in Iran and delegitimize any election and government in the country.

Reports are that Arab newspapers have done a 360 turn and are now opposing Ahmadinejad. Seems they have gooten scared that Iran will be controlled by Mousavi supporters and are trying to get back in favor.


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