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Quote for 2011

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People will always remember 2011 as the year the world reformed. Perhaps this will be the start of a new age, the Age of Innovation#Egypt


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February 1, 2011 at 18:45

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History Repeats Itself with Egypt

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It seems that history is repeating itself with the ongoing uprisings in Egypt. Many of us who remember the events of the stolen Iranian election are experiencing a sense of dejavu as reports of police beating and even killing protesters are reaching social networks. Also similar to the Iranian crisis is the blocking of many internet sites such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. It remains to be seen what the results of these protests are: will they result in regime change like in Tunisia, or will they ultimately fail like those in Iran?

Check back for more information as it comes in.

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January 26, 2011 at 21:47

Police Firing on Basij? – Basij Tageting Women – Enghelab Square

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There are unconfirmed reports that in areas of Tehran police began firing on Basij militia. Currently these claims cannot be confirmed.

There are also reports that women have become the main target of the Basij. Women have taken a large part in the protests following the June 12th election, which opposition figures and protesters are calling illegitimate.

There are also reports of increased violence around Enghelab Square, as well as many other places.

Michael Jackson Memorial to ‘flood internet’

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Many people are speculating that Michael Jackson’s memorial at the Staples Center will ‘flood’ the internet with the heaviest traffic ever seen in the history of the internet. The day Jackson died many sites, including Google and Jackson’s official site, became slow and sometimes unresponsive. Other sites had to be taken offline because of the overwhelming amount of traffic. It remains to be seen whether this will occur today as millions tune in both on TV and online to see Michael Jackson one last time.

The link for CNN Live, where the memorial will be aired live, is here: http://www.cnn.com/video/fb/facebook.html?stream=stream1

Prisoners Beat, Tortured, and Raped in Iran – At Least 11 Killed Tuesday

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There are reports from Iran that people  in Iranian prisons, such as the notorious Evin prison, were beat, tortured, and even raped. Medical examinations of people released have proven all three of these claims. This report comes as the government cracks down on dissidents throughout all of Iran.

The Guardian article on this is here: http://bit.ly/15pnac

There are also reports that at least 11 people were killed Tuesday 30 June 2009.

It may well be that in the future the officials of the current regime will be tried at the hague for crimes against humanity.

British Embassy Staff Kidnapped – CONFIRMED

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It has been confirmed that 8 British Embassy staffers were arrested in Iran fortheir “role in the unrest” (CNN). This comes amid reports that Iran has arrested many foreign nationals, though at this time it is unknown which countries said people were from.

Dramatic Interview with Woman who saw ‘a massacre’

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This is one of the most dramatic portrayals of ‘massacres’ in Tehran. This is from 24 June 2009:


CNN aired this today 24 June 2009