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Video of Protest Against Russian Support For Iran Election Results

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The following is a video of the protest in Toronto at the Russian Consulate:


They are protesting against Russian support for the Iran election results


Ahmadinejad May Have Already Left the Country

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There were renewed reports  on Thursday that Ahmadinejad may have already left the country. Where he would have gone no one is sure, but it is a well known fact that countries such as Venezuela, China, and Russia supported the Iranian election results.

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June 18, 2009 at 13:48

Russia and China Offer Ahmadinejad Congratulations

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Russia and China have each offered Ahmadinejad congratulations on winning the Iranian election despite widespread belief that he won as the result of fraud.

The West has refused to acknowledge the results of the election and many countries, most particularly in Europe have denounced the results as complete fabrication and lies.

Ahmadinejad Snubbed by Russian President Medvedev?

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There are renewed reports that on Ahmadinejad’s trip to Russia Medvedev ‘did not have time to meet’ with him. If true this would show that one of Iran’s closest allies is backing away from the Iranian government as well as everyone else.

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June 17, 2009 at 13:20

Additional Outcries of Russian Manipulations

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There are an increasing number of reports that Russia is somehow involved in the crisis enveloping Iran; what side they are supposedly assisting it is not clear. There are reports of a planned protest at the Russian consulate in Toronto, though this is not confirmed as of yet.

Many Iranians believe that it is highly possible that Russia had a part in the events in Iran over the past few days. They point to the fact that it wouldn’t be the first time. They also point out that Russia has many interests in the Iranian region.

Any ordinary Westerner will tell you that they could see Russia having a part in the revolution currently taking place in Iran, but that could be the result of the belief Westerners have been raised to have of Russia, and most particularly the Kremlin.

In fact, one could go so far as to say that most Westerners with no direct knowledge of the events in Iran, but who are involved in their country’s  government and  intelligence systems would believe the Russians may very well have been involved. The mindset of the Cold War is not gone for many because it exists in such recent memory.

Perhaps in every crisis someone feels they must find an outside influence to blame, but what if this time there was no outside pressure? The chances that there is no outside pressure are slim at best. No, let’s face it, to think that not even one country is secretly assisting one side or the other in this Green Revolution is naiive at best, stupid at worst. Perhaps better guesses can be made in the future when the world sees who benefits most from the results of this Revolution.

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June 17, 2009 at 01:01

“many, many arrests”

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Hundreds of people have been arrested in Tehran and taken to Evin, a high-securty prison infamous for its political prisoner’s wing after the 1979 Revolution. Since the protests were largely peaceful, it is unclear whether the arrested are protestors or activists responding to the media shut-down.

Protests around the world.

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Time — Location — Address

NOW — LONDON — 16 Princes Gate (Iranian Embassy)
5pm, Tonight — VIENNA — Vienna Heroes Square
7pm, Tonight — TORONTO
4pm, Wednesday — BERLIN — Foreign Office, Berlin-mitte, Werderscher Markt
5-9pm, Wednesday — LISBON — Largo do Chiado
6-8pm, Wednesday — COLOGNE, GERMANY — Kölner dom
8pm, Wednesday — MADRID — Iranian Embassy
Wed & Thurs — DUBAI — Iranian Embassy

Many of these cities had protests yesterdays. Check their local newspaper websites for updates. Here is Toronto’s: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/650762.