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Mousavi Under House Arrest

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There are reports that Mousavi is under house arrest, though some sources don’t use the phrase ‘house arrest’, but rather say he is ‘under 24 hour guard.’ Either way he is cut off from all his supporters. The government likely thinks that this will result in the protesters becoming less organized and that they will lose heart without their ‘leader.’


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June 23, 2009 at 21:59

Mousavi: “I am Prepared for Martyrdom”; Go one Strike if Arrested

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There are confirmed reports that Mousavi has told his supporters he is prepared for martyrdom and that he has instructed Iranian Activists to go on strike if he is arrested.

Mousavi: Election Rigging Planned Months Ahead

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There are reports that Mousavi has written a letter to Iran’s top legislative body saying election rigging was planned months ahead of the election.

Since the results came out many have speculated the apparent election rigging might have been premeditated.

Mousavi Giving a Speech to Rally

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There are confirmed reports that Mosuavi is giving a speech on Jeyhoon Street in Tehran. This comes amid reports that there are great quantities of people at the rally, but they are split into many groups by police, Basij, and IRG. Reports say he said, “I am ready for Martyrdom.”

Whereabouts of Mousavi, Karoubi, Khatami Unknown

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Mousavi, Karoubi, and Khatami have thus far not been seen at the rally today, Saturday 20 June. Many Iranians wonder where they are and why they have not come to rally their supporters.

Speculation That Explosion Report is Fake

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There is widespread speculation that the report by Iran State TV of an explosion in the Khamenei mausoleum shrine are fake. Mainstream media has piced up the stories and running them, but no independent verification is available.

Many believe that, whether the report is true or not, this is an attempt to discredit Mousavi and his supporters.

Explosion not the Work of Protesters

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Reports from Iran indicate the explosion Khomeini shrine was not the work of activists. Many say it was Iranian governemnt or MKo. If it is the government they may be trying to discredit Mousavi as a hater of the Imam.