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Prisoners Beat, Tortured, and Raped in Iran – At Least 11 Killed Tuesday

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There are reports from Iran that people  in Iranian prisons, such as the notorious Evin prison, were beat, tortured, and even raped. Medical examinations of people released have proven all three of these claims. This report comes as the government cracks down on dissidents throughout all of Iran.

The Guardian article on this is here: http://bit.ly/15pnac

There are also reports that at least 11 people were killed Tuesday 30 June 2009.

It may well be that in the future the officials of the current regime will be tried at the hague for crimes against humanity.


Mousavi NOT Arrested

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Mousavi was NOT arrested. The Guardian article was fake.

Written by eldercato

June 19, 2009 at 17:27

Mousavi and His Staff Taken Into Custody

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There are reliable reports that Mousavi and his staff have been taken into custody by the Revolutionary Guard. He has reportedly been silenced.

This was leaked out from someone who was asked to bear witness: http://bit.ly/ZMCY5

Ineterior Ministry Worker Who Leaked Election Results May have Been Assassinated

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“Iranian who leaked election results may have been assassinated”, or so the article below and many other sources claim:


Guardian Reports 12 Students Killed… Reports of IRCG Arrests

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The Guardian reports that 12 students were killed today in Iran, though the number is expected to rise as more information becomes available and with the new okay from Ahmadinejad to fire on protesters and pro-Mousavi supporters.

There are also reports that of the 16 Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRCG) arrested today, 3 were veterans of the Iran-Iraq war (Mousavi’s potential allies). All 16 were arrested after trying to persuade elements of the Army to intervene on the protester’s behalf. They have reportedly been taken to an undisclosed location in East Tehran.