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Mousavi Giving a Speech to Rally

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There are confirmed reports that Mosuavi is giving a speech on Jeyhoon Street in Tehran. This comes amid reports that there are great quantities of people at the rally, but they are split into many groups by police, Basij, and IRG. Reports say he said, “I am ready for Martyrdom.”


Whereabouts of Mousavi, Karoubi, Khatami Unknown

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Mousavi, Karoubi, and Khatami have thus far not been seen at the rally today, Saturday 20 June. Many Iranians wonder where they are and why they have not come to rally their supporters.

Link to Pictures From Saturday 20 June 2009

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The linked pictures are reportedly from the the streets of Tehran. Many riot police and plainclothes police can be seen.


Rally Today to Proceed ‘No Matter What’

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The rally TODAY (Saturday 20 June 2009) at 4pm from Enghelab Sq. to Azadi Sq. in Tehran will proceed as planned NO MATTER WHAT according to Mousavi, Karoubi, and Khatami

Iranian Government Spreads Misinformation About Friday Prayer Rally

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Reports indicate that the Iranian government is spreading misinformation about the cancellation of the planned Friday Prayer rally. Reliable reports are that it will continue as planned.