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Mousavi Giving a Speech to Rally

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There are confirmed reports that Mosuavi is giving a speech on Jeyhoon Street in Tehran. This comes amid reports that there are great quantities of people at the rally, but they are split into many groups by police, Basij, and IRG. Reports say he said, “I am ready for Martyrdom.”


Basij “all over Tehran”… No sign of Army or IRG

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There are reports from Iran that the Basij are all over Iran and have set up roadblocks on most streets. There is reportedly no sign of the Army or Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) though.

Supreme Leader Khamenei has promised to use the Army and IRG to suppress any further protests, but Mousavi, Karoubi, and Khatami are all going to attend a massive rally today (Saturday) at 4PM. It remains to be seen what the government response is. If it is violent, as promised, one can only imagine what the international response will be.

Rally Saturday To Go On

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The planned rally will go on at 4PM local time on Saturday.

Mousavi, Khatami and Karoubi will be in attendance tomorrow at 4pm in the march from  from Enghelab Square to Azadi Square.

This rally will occur in defiance of renewed threats by Supreme Leader Khamenei that Iranian Revolutionary Guard will fire upon activists.

Mousavi and His Staff Taken Into Custody

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There are reliable reports that Mousavi and his staff have been taken into custody by the Revolutionary Guard. He has reportedly been silenced.

This was leaked out from someone who was asked to bear witness: http://bit.ly/ZMCY5

Mousavi Forced Into Silence, Headquarters Raided

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An article in the guardian is quoted as saying: “I have been given the ­responsibility of telling the world what is happening in Iran. The office of Mir Hossein Mousavi, who the Iranian people truly want as their leader, has asked me to do so. They have asked me to tell how Mousavi’s headquarters was wrecked by plainclothes police officers. To tell how the commanders of the revolutionary guard ordered him to stay silent. To urge people to take to the streets because Mousavi could not do so directly.”

The link to that article is below:


Previously, he was revolutionary, because everyone inside the system was a revolutionary. But now he’s a reformer. Now he knows Gandhi – before he knew only Che Guevara. If we gain power through aggression we would have to keep it through aggression. That is why we’re having a green revolution, defined by peace and democracy.”

Saturday Sea of Green to Proceed

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There are confirmed reports that the demonstrations set for Saturday 20 June 2009 and Sea of Green protests will continue unabated, even after Supreme Leader Khamenei has brought the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to Tehran.

Revolutionary Guard Mobilized to Secure Iran

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There are reports that the revlutionary Guard has been Mobilized to Secure Iran.

There are also reports that 5 Revolutionary Guard commanders refused the order to move in last night and were subsequently arrested.

There are also reports that aides to Karoubi are being arrested now.