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Peer Pressure May Encourage Embassies to Assist Injured

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Quite a few embassies have told callers that they are no embassies are taking injured Iranians under their wing, but eye witness reports indicate otherwise. Why is it that some countries refuse to take the injured in? Maybe they just don’t want to be the first? They don’t want to step forward.

What Tehran needs is brave men and women from across the world to step out from their embassies and embrace the Iranian activists as the brothers and sisters that they are. Maybe if some embassies step forward and take the ultimate risk it will lead other, less audacious countries’ embassies to step out from the shadows and condemn that which should be condemned.


Mousavi: “I am Prepared for Martyrdom”; Go one Strike if Arrested

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There are confirmed reports that Mousavi has told his supporters he is prepared for martyrdom and that he has instructed Iranian Activists to go on strike if he is arrested.

European Embassies to Take in Injured Iranian Activists

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There are confirmed reports that European embassies in Iran will take on Iranian injured. This shows the support the Europeans have for the Iranian activists.

List of Khamenei/Ahmadinejad Leaders

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A list of Khamenei/Ahmadinejad Leaders is emerging and quickly being spread on Twitter by Iranian activists eager for justice. that list is below.

Afshin Kamel, Haj Ali Rezaei, Ali Afsari, Majid Afshardi Amir Ghorbani, Amir Maghouli, Amir Hossein Arich, Mehdi Amiri, Hossein Yabgar, Ilias Dizji, Ebrahim Mahmoodi, Mehdi Ebrahimi, Fereidoon Taghizadeh, Mahmoud Fatehi

Khamenei Blames Activists for Tehran University Death

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Khamenei Blames Activists for Tehran University Death- Supreme Leader blames the Iranian activists for the deaths of Basij members and students

Written by eldercato

June 19, 2009 at 05:37

Khamenei Orders Islamic Guard Take Over… Police and Army Siding More With Activists

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Supreme Leader Khamenei has reportedly ordered the Islamic/Revolutionary Guard to take over from Iranian army and security forces. This could be the start of a more brutal crackdown because the police and army have shown signs of siding with Iranian activists/reformists.

Picture of Green Revolution Supporters in Austin

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Huffington Post has a picture of a protest in Austin, Texas showing solidarity with Iranian activists. That same picture is below:

People in Austin Texas Showing Solidarity with Iranian Activists

People in Austin Texas Showing Solidarity with Iranian Activists

Written by eldercato

June 18, 2009 at 15:52