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Peer Pressure May Encourage Embassies to Assist Injured

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Quite a few embassies have told callers that they are no embassies are taking injured Iranians under their wing, but eye witness reports indicate otherwise. Why is it that some countries refuse to take the injured in? Maybe they just don’t want to be the first? They don’t want to step forward.

What Tehran needs is brave men and women from across the world to step out from their embassies and embrace the Iranian activists as the brothers and sisters that they are. Maybe if some embassies step forward and take the ultimate risk it will lead other, less audacious countries’ embassies to step out from the shadows and condemn that which should be condemned.


Canadian Embassy Will Not Take In Injured

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The Canadian Embassy Emergency Hotline in Ottawa says that they will not take in Iranian citizens and that they never take in foreign nationals unless in ‘extreme’ situations (seemed to imply on an individual basis). The spokewoman said that they will be accepting Canadian citizens (obviously, they are the Canadian Embassy).

While this may be subject to change it still confirms CTV reports that currently Canada will not be open to injured Iranians.

It should also be noted that when I cited reports of other embassies taking in injured people she said that there were no official reports of any foreign embassies taking injured Iranians. From what we have heard from many eye witnesses today there has been asylum given to the wounded, if but temporary, by many nation’s embassies.

This comes amid many  Canadian citizens petitioning Prime Minster Harper to open the embassy in Tehran to injured Iranians. Information about that petition, as well as a link to the petition itself can be found here: http://bit.ly/17SMf0

European Embassies to Take in Injured Iranian Activists

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There are confirmed reports that European embassies in Iran will take on Iranian injured. This shows the support the Europeans have for the Iranian activists.