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Prisoners Beat, Tortured, and Raped in Iran – At Least 11 Killed Tuesday

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There are reports from Iran that people  in Iranian prisons, such as the notorious Evin prison, were beat, tortured, and even raped. Medical examinations of people released have proven all three of these claims. This report comes as the government cracks down on dissidents throughout all of Iran.

The Guardian article on this is here: http://bit.ly/15pnac

There are also reports that at least 11 people were killed Tuesday 30 June 2009.

It may well be that in the future the officials of the current regime will be tried at the hague for crimes against humanity.


1500 Arrested

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The LA Times says that 1500 people have been arrested, beaten, and then released from prison.

“A source inside the capital’s Evin Prison said upward of 1,500 people, mostly young men, have been arrested during the clashes and roughed up in prison before being let go with warnings.”


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June 17, 2009 at 19:56

Ibrahim Yazdi Pulled From Hospital Bed and Arrested

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Today Ibrahim Yazdi, Secretary-General of the Freedom Movement of Iran and former Deputy Prime Minister was pulled from hospital bed in Tehran and arrested. Reports indicate that he has been taken to a prison in Evin.

“many, many arrests”

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Hundreds of people have been arrested in Tehran and taken to Evin, a high-securty prison infamous for its political prisoner’s wing after the 1979 Revolution. Since the protests were largely peaceful, it is unclear whether the arrested are protestors or activists responding to the media shut-down.