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Police Firing on Basij? – Basij Tageting Women – Enghelab Square

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There are unconfirmed reports that in areas of Tehran police began firing on Basij militia. Currently these claims cannot be confirmed.

There are also reports that women have become the main target of the Basij. Women have taken a large part in the protests following the June 12th election, which opposition figures and protesters are calling illegitimate.

There are also reports of increased violence around Enghelab Square, as well as many other places.


Enghelab Sqaure Filled with Police and Plain Clothes: Many Arrests

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There are reports that Enghelab Square is fi;;ed with police and plainclothes police and that many many people are getting arrested.

Rally Today to Proceed ‘No Matter What’

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The rally TODAY (Saturday 20 June 2009) at 4pm from Enghelab Sq. to Azadi Sq. in Tehran will proceed as planned NO MATTER WHAT according to Mousavi, Karoubi, and Khatami

Rally Saturday To Go On

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The planned rally will go on at 4PM local time on Saturday.

Mousavi, Khatami and Karoubi will be in attendance tomorrow at 4pm in the march from  from Enghelab Square to Azadi Square.

This rally will occur in defiance of renewed threats by Supreme Leader Khamenei that Iranian Revolutionary Guard will fire upon activists.

Mousavi, Khatami, and Karoubi All to Lead Saturday Rally

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Reports indicate that Mousavi, Khatami, and Karoubi All to Lead Saturday’Sea of Green’ at 4pm in Enghelab Square Tehran

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June 18, 2009 at 18:45