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British Embassy Staff Kidnapped – CONFIRMED

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It has been confirmed that 8 British Embassy staffers were arrested in Iran fortheir “role in the unrest” (CNN). This comes amid reports that Iran has arrested many foreign nationals, though at this time it is unknown which countries said people were from.


List and Status of Embassies in Tehran

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The following link is to a color coded MAP of ALL EMBASSIES accepting Iranian injured: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&oe=UTF8&msa=19&msid=116894734857323306892.00046ccb858387ddf2a3d

This link will take you to a color coded text file with all the embassies, whether they are taking injured and their addresses: https://eldercato.wordpress.com/2009/06/20/list-of-embassies-accepting-injured/#comments

Color Coded List of Embassies in Iran

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The following link is to a color coded MAP of ALL EMBASSIES in Iran based on whether or not they accept injured: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=116894734857323306892.00046ccb858387ddf2a3d

The color scheme used here will be the same as that used on the Map (linked above):


GREEN: OPEN (embassy statement open)

YELLOW: no statement, indication yes

RED: NO HELP (embassy can’t help injured)


– سفارت استرالیا Embassy of Australia – No. 13, 23rd Street  Khalid Islambuli Ave

– Embassy of Austria – Mirvali 11, Teheran  Tehrān, Iran  Bahonarstr., Moghaddasistr., Zamanistr

– Embassy of Armenia – No. 1, Ostad Shahriar St, Razi St., Jomhouri Eslami Ave

– Embassy of Belgium –  Elahieh – 155-157  Shahid Fayyazi Avenue – not taking injured people according to belgian internal affairs. (source: state radio news Belgium 21 June)

– Embassy of Canada – 57 Shahid Javad-e-Sarfaraz, Ostad-Motahari Avenue – official offer for help! (Doctors needed) reports lack (shortage?) of medical facilities (Foreign Affairs says that Canadian embassies do not normally offer asylum to individuals abroad but will provide temporary safe haven if there is an immediate threat or injury.)
http://tiny.cc/DUHCs ctv.ca 20.06.09 11:44 PM ET

– Embassy of the Czech Republic – No. 199, Dr Lavasani Ave.,Corner of Yas St., Tehran

– Embassy of Denmark – Dr. Shariati Ave,  Elahiyeh Ave  Dashti Str. 10, Tehran

– Embassy of Finland – Elahiyeh, Agha Bozorgi St  Shirin Alley no.4

– Embassy of France – No. 85 Nofel Loshato St.  Hafez Ave., Tehran

– Embassy of Germany – Ferdowsi Ave., No 320-324, Phone: (0098 21) 39 99 00 00

– Embassy of Greece – 43 Esfandiar Av., Africa Express Way –
Tel. : (009821) 22050533, 22053784 (. 8844288)

– Embassy of Ireland – No 8, Bonbast Nahid Street, North Kamranieh Ave,
Between Niavaran and Farmanieh, Tel. +98 21 22297918

– Embassy of Italy – 81, Nofel Loshato, Tel : 0098 21 66726955/6/7 (source: AP and Belgian radionews)

– Embassy of Mexico – Africa Bird, Street Golfam No. 41

– Embassy of the Netherlands – No. 7 Sonbol St., Farmanieh (source Tonight the dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxim Verhagen announced that the Embassy of the Netherlands is open. “We have to realise that the Dutch embassy isn’t a hospital, and the possibilities to help are limited. But again, if someone is in need of help then the door will be open.”)

– Embassy of Norway – No. 201 Dr. Lavasani St. (Ex. Farmanieh St.) Corner of Sonbol St.      (Norway does not wish to intervene in internal conflicts within the Islamic Republic).

– Embassy of Poland – Africa Expressway, Pirouz Str. 1/3, tel: +98 (21) 8878 7262

– Embassy of Portugal – Darrous, Av. Hedaiat Rue Rouzbeh, nº 13 Tehran, Iran.
Phones: (00 98 21) 254 32 37 / (00 98 21) 256 86 99

– Embassy of Romania – 12 Fakhrabad Str., Baharestan Ave, Tehran

– Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia – No 30, Narenjestan 8th Alley/Pasdaran Avenue, Phone: (+) 98 21 2280 22 23

– Embassy of Spain – Africa Expressway, Kutche Sarv, n. 76

– Embassy of Sweden – 2, Nastaran Street, Pasdaran Avenue (North of Dr. Lavasani), Tel: +98-21-2371 2200

– Embassy of Switzerland (and US representation) – Elahieh Ave. Sharifimanesh Yasaman Street No. 2

– Embassy of the United Kingdom – K198, Ferdowsi Avenue (Being Closed Down)

I think that while no embassy will really refuse injured people that come to their doorstep they may not ‘officially’ accept them. I would like it noted that this list has influenced the course of history. Embassies and Foreign Ministries all around the world have started responding to it and countries like Italy and Austria seem to have possibly even changed their stance.