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Twitter Changes Maintanence Time…CONFIRMED: Satelites Dishes Taken Away in Tehran…. Pro-Government Rally Not as Large as Opposition Demonstration…Pro-Government Pretending to be Opposition While Donning Green

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Twitter postponed its maintanence time, previously set for 2PM Pacific (1:30AM Tehran Time), indefinitely due to pro-Mousavi protesters needing Twitter for contact with the outside world. In addition there are reports that the United States State Department pressured Twitter to postpone its maintanence due to the need of the Iranian people.

Reports that satelite dishes were taken away in Tehran last night has been CONFIRMED. The Iranian government is doing its best to block out all contact pro-Mousavi supporters have with the outside world and this is just one more step.

BBC has reported that yesterday’s pro-Ahmadinejad rally was ‘not so big or as enthusiastic’ as the pro-Mousavi rally, despite Iranian State News claiming that Mousavi supporters were actually pro-government demonstrators.

There are also reports that pro-government demonstraters are starting to wear green shirts while causing mayhem and committing acts of violence in an attempt to make the opposition seem barbaric.


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