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Shiraz University and Mashad University under attack by Basij

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Reports indicate that the Dean of Shiraz University has resigned amid attacks on his University. Mashad University has also come under attack by Basij forces. Earlier in the day it was reported that all dormitories in both universities were being forcefully evacuated. If this is true it means there should be few unwitting people left, but that remains to be seen as the day progresses. Hopefully the attack will not be as brutal as it was in the Tehran University dormitories.

Today marks the Fourth full day of anticipated protests. Today people in Iran are being called on by the pro-Mousavi camp to go strike. How successful these strikes will be no one is certain.

There are also rumors of another march occuring today, though it is not confirmed at which time it is to occur. Many people said that would be decided after dawn in Tehran.

Reports are that at least twelve people died yesterday in clashes with police and pro-Ahmadinejad supporters. Though devastating the world must be thankful that it was not as bad as it might have been. We can only hope that the level of violence will not escalate.


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