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Rallies and Counter Rallies Announced for Today

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The pro-Ahmadinejad rally is announced for 3PM local time today, while the pro-Mousavi/pro-Revolution rally will be at 5PM local time in the same location.

There are rumors that Ahmadinejad left the country (to Russia) at the request of Khamenei. This is unconfirmed, but verification is being worked on.

Hospitals around Tehran report that there were many wounded last night. 12 are confirmed dead in tehran. At least one dead in Shiraz.

Reports that live fire was used in other cities around Iran. Unable to confirm.

There are unconfirmed reports that foreign press are being forcibly removed from Tehran. The world can only hope this is not to cover up plans of even more bloodshed in Tehran tomorrow.

There are rumors that Tehran was peaceful in comparision to other cities in Iran yesterday. Let us hope that Tehran does not turn into a larger bloodbath.

There are reports that Isfahan is enveloped in violence and many are feared dead.


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