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Army is Helping Mousavi Supporters

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There are reports from ABC in an article written by Robert Fisk that 500 Iranian Special Forces broke up clashes between pro-Ahmadinejad forces and pro-Mousavi demonstrators. The special forces usually take the side of Ahmadinejad’s Basij militia, but today were seen keeping the Basij militia away from Mousavi supporters. Whether this is representative of all Iranian military from now or the actions of an individual group remain to be seen, though the ABC article goes on to say, ‘quite a lot of policeman are beginning to smile towards the demonstrators of Mr Mousavi’.

While many Mousavi supporters have expressed that this is expected, many are still hesitant to take the account offered in the ABC article at face value without further verification. There has been much deception by the Iranian government and heavy infilitration by the Ministry of Defense. Some are wary of false reports that will lure Mousavi reporters into a false sense of security.

Link to news article by ABC’s Robert Fisk


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