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Reports of Mousavi Telling People to Go Home

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There are reports that Mousavi attended the rally to tell people to go home and that he will pursue this by peaceful means. The possibility of this seems unlikely since people have been heard chanting ‘Death to the Supreme Leader’. This will complicate matters and perhaps people will want a completely new form of government. Only time will tell, but many are saying that if everyone stops protesting they will just get cheated again and it will be too late.

Mashad and Ahwaz were reportedly violent with many people gathering in each city and the suppression being brutal.

Still, Obama remains silent, to the chagrin of many of the protesters.

Further reports that many people seen at the Ahmadinejad rally were civil servants who would lose their job if they did not attend. If this is true it will be a large blow to his legitimacy.


Written by eldercato

June 15, 2009 at 11:33

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