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Report of Threat from Rafsanjani to Khamenei – Khamenei Launched Probe

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Rafsanjani has reportedly threatened Khamenei, which resulted in the Supreme Leader agreeing to have the Iranian Guardian Council look into the possible vote rigging.

This is not going to stop protesters who are still meeting for a March on Tehran.

Reports are that Mousavi will be in attendance.

Reports from IranRiggedElect on Twitter indicate that ‘Karoubi will be among protestors in Tajrish square’ at 11PM local time.

A link has been posted by many protesters with information to start a DDOS attack on the Iranian government in response to the continued attacks by the Iranian government on websites. Earlier attempts to do this were successful temporarily. It remains to be seen how much an impact this particular attempt has.


Written by eldercato

June 15, 2009 at 06:49

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