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Foreign Media Outlets Raided. People Disappearing.

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Reports are coming in over Twitter that NBC offices in Tehran have been raided and cameras and equipment stolen. BBC has also been told to leave Tehran immediately. ABC news affiliate “Jim Sciutto tweets ‘police confiscated our camera and videotapes. We are shooting protests and police violence on our cell phones.'” (huffingtonpost)

It has been confirmed that BBC satelites are being jammed by the Iranian Government.

New initiatives have been launched by protesters of the apparent rigged election in what amount to small cyber attacks on he Iranian government by having all supporters overload both Ahmedinejad and Khamenei’s websites.

The Iranian Army has announced its neutrality, in what some protesters on Twitter are saying is an open invitation to revolution.

There is also an email report that protesters have taken over a “basiji center in Northern Tehran around Tajrish… This would potentially mean weapons in hands of protesters.”

Tweets by IranElection09 21 minutes ago confirm that there are “Tanks at Valiasr St. & Fatemi near Interior Ministry CONFIRMED, not at other parts of city yet”

Reports are coming in that people have been disappearing, with many protesters tweeting that people are getting tased and taken away. Some people are promising never to be taken alive.


Written by eldercato

June 14, 2009 at 17:18

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